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Welcome to my modest little site - dedicated to the mighty ZX80! Most of the resources here have been obtained from various places on the net - and where I can I've noted the source. The remainder is from my personal collection. I believe them all to be in the public domain but if anyone does own the copyright to any of the material here please advise me and I'll remove it.

There's a dearth of software on the net for the ZX80 and I'm particularly keen to expand that part of the site. If you have any listings, .o files or .wav samples you'd like to contribute please send them in and I'll list them. Thanks :-)


ZX80 Manual in pdf format Source

ZX80 Manual in html format Source

ZX80 Construction Maunual Source

ZX80 Ram Pack Manual Source

ZX80 ROM Disassembly Source

Reviews and Ads

British Magazine Ad

American Magazine Ad Source

German Magazine Ad Source

Another German Magazine Ad Source

Italian Magazine Ad Source

Another Italian Magazine Ad Source

Australian ZX81 Magazine Ad referencing ZX80 upgrades

ZX80 magazine review from Practical Electronics July 1980 Source

ZX80 magazine review from Personal Computer World April 1980 Source

Article discussing ZX80 software - including the Space Invaders Game from Sinclair User April 1982 Source


How to make your own ZX80 by Grant Searle BSc

Article on how to replace the 4K rom from Your Computer, October 1981 Source


The .o files can be run in the emulators
If they don't work as .o files try changing them to .80

Space Invaders

This is a brilliant programme which solves the screen display shut down problem by calling the display routine frequently through out the programme. It comes with many of the emulators, although the listing is from
.o file


Random Maze Generator

  Not guaranteed to make an actual maze you can solve! A clever use of the CHR$ command Source
.o file

Line Renumber

  A useful programme for line renumbering, from Electronics Today International, September 1981

16K Ram Pack Test Programme

The test programme that came with the ram pack - a 16+ result showed the ram was working, a 3+ result showed it wasn't connected properly
.o file

Approximate Memory Left

  A programme to test the remaining ram as you tyoe in a programme - it can be kept in higher line numbers and called by a GOTO command to work
.o file


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These are all either ZX81 or Spectrum emulators
which can run in a ZX80 mode.

Xtender2 (DOS/Windows)

No$ZX81 (DOS/Windows)

EightyOne (DOS/Windows)

ZXSP (Mac)

Z81/XZ81 (Linux/Unix)




Nova Electronica NE Z80

MicroDigital TK82

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